About Us

Piramide Co. Studio found in 1989 by three ITS fanatics, childhood friends HomeCraftSoft@2000 PCS by Mac BP & SP & IV & Rev. & ASi Primorske Skupnosti

Clean Code

This VPN is clean and frequently checked by MalwareBytes+BitDefender+Kaspersky+ClamAV and protected by Firewall Maltrail+F2B+HCSFW

Fully Responsive

All our applicatons are free to use and fully responsive, not complicated to use - uers frendly apps. Media Servers portal PCSNET WinNT+Linux

Multipurpose Design

Main input server is Linux - Admin accounts have full access to VPN all applications and functions of this network MEDIA Server Audio Production - Electro Music Movement Europe - PCSNET


Piramide Studio Company since 1989@1999 ITS Community - Audio Production of Electro Music - HomeCraftSoft@2000 Custom Software Develop since 2000 EU

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  • Branding
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Creative Team

Piramide Co. Studio members of HTU and UITW org. Europe since 1985 BBS first coumputers communictions from outside Slovenia by Community PCS-HCS2000 and UITW org. + HTU org. EU-USA

Piramide Studio

Creative Director

Boris Perc a.k.a. Mac founder of PCS@HCS2000 Portorose, Slovenia

Mac LinuXTer


HomeCraftSoft@2000 WEB Apps and Custom HandCrafted Software



WEB Scada CybroTech Controllers Automatization Solar/Wind/Apps


Commerce - Developers

ITS Community Maribor Slovenia Leaders in Software develope

Our Experties

Piramide Studio - HomeCraftSoft@2000 - ITS Community Services and Experties

  • Branding
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Consulting
  • Media (Audio&Video)

Contact Us

Piramide Co. Studio - PCSNET Obala - ITS Primorske Skupnosti - ITS Community Portorose Slovenia - HomeCraftSoft@2000 & HandCrafted Software

Ulica Božidarja Jakca 11
6320 Portorož - Portorose
Slovenia - EU
(041) 651 - 616 boris.perc@psmedia.mywire.org psmedia.mywire.org

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